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New York Yankee Phil Hughes Tells SportsGist.Com That Real Men DO Get MANicures!

Posted by TSUE on June 12, 2008

New York Yankee Phil Hughes Tells


That Real Men DO Get MANicures!



Yankees starting pitcher “Phil Hughes” tells SportsGist.Com’s Jeff Becker, former Cleveland Indians Third baseman, Gus Ornstein, former NFL Quarterback and TonyaSue Carther, Associate Editor of Celebrity Toy Box and Black Noir Magazine that having clean, trim, healthy nails are key to having quick hands (on and off the mound)! His favorite ACE tool – the Fingernail Clippers – are “the perfect size. You can really grip them!”   He says you don’t have to visit the salon to look like you’ve got game.  He loves using ACE Nail Care because they have a complete line of nail clippers and nail grooming tools designed specifically for men, so you can keep yourself looking SHARP and SEXY in the bedroom or the locker room.  Phil told Sportsgist.Com that he has been pain free from his oblique injury for about a week and his rehabilitation is going well.  He is ready to get back to the mount and start throwing again. SportsGist.Com’s TonyaSue Carther says” he is a real stand-up guy and his dedication to MLB is inspiring to all sports athletes young and old.



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