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NFL’S New Superhero – Terrell Owens “Comes to the Rescue”

Posted by TSUE on July 21, 2008

After the ESPY’s awards were taped on Wednesday a sports writer from ESPN’s page 2 was hit by a car. When he came to, Terrell Owens was there to save the day just doing what any normal human being would do. Once he was sure that Sam Alipour was okay he left the scene quietly.

terrell owens comes to sam alipour's rescue

NFL's Superhero Terrell Owens

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Michael Strahan Retires from the New York Giants

Posted by TSUE on June 11, 2008

New York Giants player Michael Strahan retires after 15 year with the same team. Michael is considered to be one of the best players ever and also expected to be placed in the Hall of Fame.


Congrats to Michael for a good run.

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Super Bowl XXXIII- Jamal Anderson & Travis Hall Pro-Spot Fitness Grab and Go

Posted by TSUE on April 3, 2008


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