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Jose Canseco’s Loses $2.5 Million Dollar Mansion

Posted by TSUE on May 2, 2008

Former baseball player star Jose Canseco lost his 7,300 square-foot home in the suburb of Encino, LA to foreclosure.  Being one of the great baseball players of the major leagues it’s hard for many to believe that the once flamboyant U.S. baseball player has become a victim of the housing crisis.

In several interviews he was asked how this happened and he responded by saying his divorces and supporting all his family members played a big role in him owing more than 2.5 million dollars on his home.  He is currently live on about roughly $16 million a year and has another book out now called “Vindicated” and in the process of trying to make his previous book and current one into to movies.

Mr. Canseo isn’t exactly standing in line for welfare. Far from it…. If he keeps writing books about the steriod use in the National Baseball League he will eventually have enough funds to buy back his mansion.

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