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Tiger brings the game back

Posted by TSUE on April 12, 2010

Well with all the Tiger talk he still managed to bring the game back to the forefront. Yes Golf is hot once again. Pilh did bring it him but it was the Tiger thing that sealed the deal.

For now lets justleave TIGER alone and let him do him. Stop being all up in his business and let him get his priorities back in check. TIGER will be fine.

As far as these women ….who cares. They know what they signed up for when they hooked up. The game doesn’t change on the players. Please.  They got paid whether is was money, foo, cash or sex. Everyone got a little something, something.

I can;’t wait until things get back to normal.

TIGER hang in there and keep it movin…There will be other birthday parties for your son and this will be a distant memory.

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Kitty Kelly Another looking to seeking Fame off Oprah

Posted by TSUE on April 12, 2010

Why don’t people just leave Oprah alone. Bottom line you are just trying to score brownie points off her name. Why doesn’t Ms. Kelly trying doing what Oprah has done and then maybe we can discuss some SECRETS and FACTS.

Clean up your backyard first.  Start a couple of careers, help saves some lives. My God I sam just sick of these people already. So what we find out a secret that is why its called a secret.

Give me your comments on this issue.

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Serena Willaims– Champion Again, No. 1 Again

Posted by TSUE on September 12, 2008


Serena Willaims– Champion Again, No. 1 Again

Serena celebrated winning her ninth Grand Slam crown at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. This is her third US Open WIN. when  It was tennis of the highest standard as she won 6-4, 7-5 and in doing so the world number one ranking also returned to her arms.

“I’m so excited.  I can’t even describe it,” said Serena. “Usually after a Grand Slam I feel like I still have another match to play, but I don’t really feel that way today.  I feel like it’s done and it’s all over, and I’m so excited.  I just    I think it showed on the court.

“I mean, everyone is so excited, believe me.  I mean, this is cool, because I’m at No. 9; I’m pushing the doors closer to double digits, which obviously I want to get to.

“This is cool, because I feel like my game has gotten a lot better and I’ve improved, and, you know    I don’t know.  It was just    each one is really special.  Each one is so special.

“I don’t know.  The Olympic gold medal, though, still, I love.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to win the gold medal.”

No. 1 is an added bonus,” she said. “Like I said, I wasn’t even trying to be No. 1.  I always said if I win tournaments    and then, Ah, I can’t believe I’m No. 1.  It’s been so long.  It’s kind of weird.”

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Zo’s Million Dollar Shootout

Posted by TSUE on August 11, 2008

Alonzo Mourning’s Popular Golfing Experience to Benefit Children at Risk
WESTCHESTER, NY (August 5th, 2008) — Get your golf clubs ready and practice your best swing!  NBA champion Alonzo Mourning alongside his closest friends from the sports, entertainment, political and business world will host the 5th Annual Zo’s Million Dollar Shootout at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, New York on Monday, August 18th, 2008.  To date, not one golfer in town has been able to claim the one million dollars – is this your lucky year?
Zo’s Million Dollar Shootout has been a staple golf outing along the northeast corridor for the past four years, where tons of golfers not only come out to test their swing for the chance at one million dollars but also to support Alonzo Mourning Charities’ community initiatives.  The foundation empowers and educates today’s youth through various educational programs and works to stimulate the development of youth enrichment centers that assists at-risk children in low socioeconomic communities. 
“We know there’s a million dollar shooter out there waiting to show off his or her skills so we encourage you to leave your business suits behind for the day and join us on the greens,” said Alonzo Mourning, Founder of Alonzo Mourning Charities.  “Your support helps positively impact the youth we serve who might not have a chance to advance without our assistance.  With increased financial resources, we’re able to change the lives of so many deserving children through education and mentoring.”
Mourning, who has personal ties to the New Jersey area where he lived for several years, is partnering with City of Newark’s Mayor Cory Booker, who will be at the event, to designate a portion of proceeds from Zo’s Million Dollar Shootout to support and fund a local charity project that will be announced soon.  Mourning and Mayor Booker share the same vision for the young people of their communities and recognize the importance of collaborating efforts in order to truly make a difference in the lives of children who need it the most.   
Donald Trump and the Trump National Golf Club hosts Zo’s Million Dollar Shootout each year.  The golf course is among the most highly regarded in the area boasting world-class facilities and a 7,291-yard par 72 golf course designed by golf course architect Jim Fazio.  Located in the heart of Westchester County, Trump National Golf Club is just 30 minutes from Manhattan and under an hour from Newark.
Participants in the tournament will not only shoot it out for the chance to win one million dollars, but will also enjoy a complimentary gift bag with top-of-the-line golf gear, welcome breakfast reception, putting contest, round of golf, post-reception feast featuring culinary delights, awards ceremony, and a live auction with exclusive items and experiences up for bid.  Register for a foursome and/or receive additional information by20visiting www.ZoShootOut.com or calling 305/476-0095.
# # #
Alonzo Mourning Charities (AM Charities) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public fundraising foundation.  Its mission is to encourage the educational development of youth by creating programs and youth enrichment centers that promote positive change in low socioeconomic communities.  Since 1997, AM Charities has raised more than $6.5 million for various programs that aid in the development of children and their families.  In addition to supporting numerous educational initiatives, Mourning focuses his att ention to stimulating the development of youth enrichment centers.  With the help of donors, Mourning opened the first center in 2003 in the historic area of Overtown, in South Florida, known as the Overtown Youth Center.  For more information, visit www.AMCharities.org.

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Rev Run & Justin Simmons new book :Take Back Your Family

Posted by TSUE on August 4, 2008

Take Back Your Family By Rev Run & Justine Simmons
An icon of hip-hop, a father of six and an ordained minister, Rev Run has developed a parenting stile that is in a class by itself. With his wife Justine, he launched the blockbuster reality series Run’s House on MTV, now filming its fifth season. The show has proven wildly popular in large part due to the way the Simmons family response to very twenty-first century issues. Emphasizing firm boundaries, noble values, discipline, and faith in age marked by shallow materialism and fragmented families, Rev Run now shares the proven principles that have given his children a firm foundation, including:
  • Run your family as the COE’s Chief Officers of Everything
  • Understand that you can never correct wheat you did not confront
  • Lead by example, not by preaching: Hypocrisy and parenting are a destructive combination.
  • Today’s fast-paced world can often make children feel small; your job is to help them feel large.
  • Older children need more rules and parental involvement, not less.

Reaching and average weekly audience of 4.1 million viewers, Run’s House speaks to America’s fascination with high-profile parents. Take Back Your Family brings home the behind-the-scenes wisdom of hip-hop’s first family to everyone seeking solid guidance for raising a new generation.



Take Back Your Family

A Challenge to America’s Parents
Rev. Run – Author
Justine Simmons – Author



This is a wonderful family. I love them….

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Looks like Sean Avery and Kelly Klein are in like with each other

Posted by TSUE on August 4, 2008

Word on the street is that  Sean Avery former New York Ranger, and now a Dallas Star has been seen around town with none other than Clavin Klein’s ex Kelly Klein. I can’t see what the fuss is over. Both are consenting adults. Kelly is 51 and Sean is 28. Age is just a number. When you pass go…it doesn’t make much difference. I say roll with it Sean. Kelly is a beautiful women and you are not bad on the eyes at all.


Sean Avery (Hockey Player with the Dallas Star)

Sean Avery Hockey Dallas StarKelly Klein

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Shereese L. Slate, celebrity stylist and makeup artist -Flawless Hair

Posted by TSUE on July 31, 2008

Shereese L. Slate, celebrity stylist and makeup artist recently launched Flawless Hair®, an exclusive line of quality hair for creating flawless hair weaves and extensions, In the industry for over 20 years, Slate’s work has been showcased on top of the shoulders of countless award-winning music artists that include legendary soulstress, Patti Labelle. Ciara, Ashanti, Monica, Rosalyn McMillan, Teedra Moses, 702, Witness, The Clark Sisters and Foxy Brown. Slate’s immaculate hair and makeup artistry has also graced the music videos of Grammy-winning artists, Christina Aguilera and Mya and has been featured in an array of film, television and magazine publications. 

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Diddy’s At It Again: New Reality Show on VH1-“I Want To Work For Diddy

Posted by TSUE on July 30, 2008

“I Want To Work For Diddy premiers Monday, August 4th, 2008 at 9 PM ET/PT.


Click here to see more: http://www.workforpdiddy.com/movie.html

Click here to see more: http://www.vh1.com/video/play.jhtml?id=1591758&vid=261919

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Hush Now…is My Man Diddy finally saying…I do..I do for sure

Posted by TSUE on July 25, 2008

Is Diddy Engaged?

Word is that my man Diddy is engaged and happier than an NBC Peacock. Hey…when its right …it right. Diddy is always full of surprises. He is truly a trend setter. He does it the Diddy way whether you like it or not.

I happen to love it. You go Diddy.

You only live once. Hey if it doesn’t work out….then it doesn’t work out. But at least he’s considering giving it a try. Best of luck Diddy. Congrats.
Send me an invite to the engagement party and I will party with you in full bliss like its 1999.
Peace out

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Omarosa Tries to Unravel Wendy Williams on “The Wendy Williams” Show

Posted by TSUE on July 22, 2008

Omarosa tries to unravel wendy williams on her show

Omarosa tries to unravel wendy williams on her show

As you view the interview you will see that Omarosa was desperately trying to unravel the pro radio shock jock now talk show host Wendy Williams. It will take more than Omarosa to make Wendy loose her cool on national television. Despite the constant interruptions by Omarosa who was really putting on more of a show than usual the interview was lets say conducted with grace and style by Wendy Williams. There is a time and place for everything by whatever it was Omarosa was dishing out…the audience was feelin it.

Was it a publicity stunt on her part to sell her book? Maybe… Was she trying to get back at Wendy for something that might have happened in the past? Maybe

Click on the link and see for yourself.


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Kimora Lee Simmons and Family-Fabulous!!!

Posted by TSUE on July 17, 2008

Kimora Lee Simmons and Family

Kimora Lee Simmons and Family

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Fergie and ESPY

Posted by TSUE on July 17, 2008

Fergie and ESPY

Fergie and ESPY

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Justine Simmons on TRL

Posted by TSUE on July 17, 2008

Justine Simmons

Justine Simmons

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