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Gus Ornstein interviews JOHNNY NEWMAN on www.sportsgist.com check out “The Gus Ornstein Show”.

To hear Johnny’s PodCast check out www.sportsgist2.com as well.

1)      With this being march madness time lets talk first about how you at Richmond a number 12 seed upset Charles Barkley and the number 5 Auburn Tigers? What type of preparation and work did it take to pull that off?


2)      How did you select Richmond as the place to play your college ball? What was the recruiting process like for you?


3)      What was it like on draft day to hear your name selected and know that you were going on to the NBA?


4)      Was it difficult to sit your first year in the NBA having been such a big time player just the year before in college?


5)      What type of work ethic did you posess as a HS player, college player and then in the NBA and how did your workout routines differ and change as you went through your career?


6)      What was a typical game day like for you? What time would you get to the arena, what did you eat and when etc…?


7)      Who was the toughest guy for you to guard and who was the toughest guy that you would have to go up against from an offensive standpoint?


8)    How were you able to handle all the challenges and distractions of the NBA to stay focused on your job and what you were there to do?


9)      What type of discipline, mental toughness and work ethic does it take to prepare night after night for 16 seasons to be successful in the NBA?


Marlon Greenwood – Professional FootBall Player




1.      You spent first 11 years of your life in Jamaica, what was it like first coming to this country and moving to Freeport LI?

2.      Did sports play a major part of your life when you were growing up in Jamaica?

3.      You did not play football until your junior year of high school, had you ever seen the game before? And what were your first thoughts of the game?

4.      How did you decide to play LB?

5.      From Jamaica to NY to Syracuse, how did you ever get used to the cold weather?

6.      When did the possibility of playing in the NFL become a reality for you? And when did it become a dream for you?

7.      Talk to us a little about the Marlon Greenwood Foundation?

8.      What were the biggest obstacles you had to overcome in your career and any messages or words of advice to the young kids out there?

9.      Was there any time in your career that things got so difficult that you wanted to or thought about giving up?

10.  How important were academics for you throughout the athletic career?




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