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Celebrities and Government Leaders Team Up With Film Producers for Obama Campaign Video

Posted by TSUE on August 21, 2008


Celebrities and Government Leaders Team Up With Film Producers Condra Magee and Ty Walker to Produce BELIEVE. VOTE FOR CHANGE, a Barack Obama Campaign Video Featuring Who’s Who of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA – (Monday, August 18, 2008)-Prominent individuals from the city of Atlanta will come together on Sunday, August 24, 2008 from 10:00am to 7:00pm to produce BELIEVE. VOTE FOR CHANGE, a documentary of collective Southern voices in support of Barack Obama for President.  Mirroring the concept presented by Will.I.Am’s “Yes We Can” and Zoe Kravitz‘s “Change The World” videos largely featuring artists from Los Angeles, the BELIEVE. VOTE FOR CHANGE video will feature individuals of influence throughout Atlanta’s business community, political circuits, in addition to athletes and entertainers in music and film imparting their views on what change means to them, the importance of voting, and their belief in Barack Obama’s presidency.  The video will also include youth from the city sharing their views on the importance of the upcoming election.  CNN will be on site to capture the project that several sports, film and music celebrities have already committed to being a part of.


The BELIEVE. VOTE FOR CHANGE video was conceptualized by film producers Condra Magee of Condraversy Films and Ty Walker of Tycor International Film Productions.  “Like many others, Ty and I are committed to Barack’s presidency and married to the concept of change and this is our way of making sure we are conduits of change in November,” says Condra.  

Several Obama delegates and super-delegates from the metro-area and the Carolinas have also come on board and given their support to the project.  The team, preparing for the Democratic National Convention in Denver, expressed great excitement about the video’s ability to encourage registration and voter turnout at the polls.  Super-delegate Mary Long of the 5th Congressional District stated, “This is a historic election so registering and getting people out to vote is a critical element for Senator Obama to become President of the United States.  The film will help encourage and motivate a phenomenal turnout in November.”

The production shoot will be hosted by Red Performance and Customs whose expansive space will turn into the birthplace of this historic piece aimed at motivating and encouraging others to register to vote and believe that we can collectively change the world for the better.

To be a part of this special event, please contact Eddie Rhodman at BELIEVE@tycorproductions.com or 404.423.4493 to RSVP for a time slot.

Ty Walker, Condra Magee and Atlanta’s entertainment, athlete, political and business professionals

BELIEVE. VOTE FOR CHANGE Video Production.  Featured individuals will make statements addressing what change means to them, why they support Barack Obama, and what they hope and believe in for the future.  The comments will be the basis for the compilation video.

Sunday, August 24, 2008, 10:00am-7:00pm

Red Performance – 1195 Menlo Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

To document views and voices from the South in support of Barack Obama

Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and specialty cocktails

Brought to you by Condraversy Films and Tycor International Film Productions

About Tycor International Film Productions:
The Atlanta-based Tycor International Film Productions Incorporated (TIFP) is an award-winning independent production company.  The Atlanta based film and high definition video production company specializes in a wide range of services from commercials to documentaries to music videos to full-length feature films, TIFP delivers to its clients and viewers in an astounding way.

For more information about Tycor International Film Productions please contact us directly at info@tycorproductions.com or visit www.tycorproductions.com.

About Condraversy Films:
Condraversy Films LLC is an award-winning full service independent production company based in Atlanta, GA.  Rooted in great storytelling, the company specializes in motion picture production at the Internet content, commercial, documentary, video, and film levels from conception to distribution.  Condraversy Films is committed to using innovative techniques, the latest technology and the best professionals in the industry to consistently create great motion picture products.



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