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The Philadelphia Eagel Cheerleaders Go Eco- Green and Sexy

Posted by TSUE on August 1, 2008

The Philadelphia Eagel Cheerleader Go Green & Sexy

If you are interested in purchasing the calendar or to find out where to buy these Go Green & SExy Swimsuits check out

For more information in Eco-Sexy and Green Swimsuits check out this site:http://sannatura.myshopify.com/

The self-styled “eco-sexy” calendar features the cheerleaders wearing bikinis made from organic cotton and recycled plastic soda bottles, while all of the jewelry and accessories, we’re told, are made from natural materials and recycled products: CDs, clothes hangers, computer chips, glass … even cable wire and aluminum. There has been much talk about saving the enviroment since our whether has been a little off the charts lately. 

But what I want to know is does going green make a difference.? Some people believe we are wasting our time. The few individuals who are trying to conserve on energy are up against a losing battle. But even though this change is a small one it does make a few people feel good about saving the earth for future generations to come. You can be the judge on that.

Maybe after you take a look at some of the Eco-Friendly bathing suits you might be tempted to join in the Go Green Campaign.

 Let me know who you feel on the subject of going green and how in sports you can go green.


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