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SportsGist.Com Correspondent Kim C talks with Kenny Smith (TNT) about NBA Draft Picks

Posted by TSUE on June 26, 2008

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Staying in Shape with Dance Fitness

Posted by TSUE on June 25, 2008

Who hasn’t been guilty of indulging in the occasional summer treat…ball park hotdogs, mom’s apple pie, ice cream cones that melt all over your hand or my biggest weakeness – Pillsbury sugar cookies! My lack of willpower has led to a couple of extra pounds and I am determined to take it off with my FAVORITE form of exercise, dance fitness classes. This is the perfect solution for those of you who hate the repetitiveness of running on a treadmill for 30 minutes or who are tired of your mom’s 1992 step aerobics classes! Dance fitness is just that – one hour classes of cardio intense dance choreography!

I first learned of these classes over the radio when I heard an ad for “Dance Trance,” a studio in Jacksonville that offered dance focused aerobics classes. I was especially drawn to the term “club style lighting” and tried my first class roughly two years ago! Of all the dance and aerobics classes I have taken in my life, I have to admit that I have never enjoyed a workout so much. The lights were dimmed, the illuminated disco balls came on, the temperature in the studio was increased and then the music started pumping. A host of very talented dance instructors lined up across the front and the dancing began! Each song, from Usher to Beyonce to Seether, had its own choreographed dance and with very little instruction, the idea was to just catch on! It’s normal to stumble thru an eight-count at first but once you master the routine, it’s an amazing feeling and an even better workout. I started making the hour long journey out to the beach each week and was in the best shape of my life – it’s the perfect dancer’s workout! Soon after, I got certified to teach Zumba, the Latin inspired dance fitness craze, but quickly found myself busy with a new job and fell of the dance fitness train.

Well I’m back! After receiving an email from Dance Trance about their latest class, “Urban Ballet” that starts next month, I’ve decided to reboard the fitness train and get back to my dancing roots! (If nothing else, my mother will be delighted that I’m in my toe shoes again.) Urban ballet is apparently the “funked” up version of traditional ballet that incorporates Top 40 music with choreography, stretching and strengthening exercises. This is exactly what I need to jump start my dancing again! If you’ve seen one of my favorite movies Center Stage, I’m sure you remember the scene where a host of dancers all come together in perfect choreographed sequence to split leap across the floor to the song “Higher Ground.” Stay tuned to see if I become a prima ballerina or if the Pillsbury Dough Boy becomes my late night dance partner!

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Dan Liberthson – The New Way to View Life Through The Old Ball Game

Posted by TSUE on June 23, 2008

dan_liberthson book The New Way to View Life Through The Old Ball Game

More than two million kids from around the world will play on seven thousand baseball Little League teams this year.  These children, ages 13 and younger, are taking part in a tradition that spans nearly 70 years.    Parents across the world enroll their children in Little League not just to learn the sport, but to learn the ethics and team spirit associated with the great American pastime.

 “What is on the field is an imitation of human life,” says Dan Liberthson, PhD and author of the new book “The Pitch is on the Way: Poems about Baseball and Life.”  Liberthson says taking part in baseball games and watching the professionals on the field are fantastic ways to teach your children the basic morals and guidelines of life.  “For 130 years we’ve been cheering for players to battle each other and challenge themselves on the ball field.  No other sport is quite as American or inspirational.”

  Parents want to give their children the tools for a successful and enjoyable life.  Little League, Pony League, college, and professional baseball are great ways to build the foundational skills kids need to become adults.   In praise of Liberthson’s book, Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig agrees: The great American pastime isn’t just a sport – it’s a chance to learn skills that guide Americans through all the pitfalls the world can throw at us.

 Liberthson’s poems point out four life lessons both adults and children can get from baseball if they know where to look:

 1)     Failure, Injury, and Defeat Are as Much a Part of the Game as Success.  As Liberthson points out in his poem “The Mound,” about a pitcher yanked from the game, we can all blow it, but we need to pick ourselves up and try again.

 2)     Don’t Relegate Yourself to the Dugout.  A player might miss one opportunity and lose his focus for the rest of the game.  He becomes obsessed with that one early mistake and can’t recover.  It is the same with life: if you dwell on your past mis-step, you’ll never get a foothold on future success.

 3)     Don’t Let the Hecklers Get You Down.  In many games, some fan is shouting above the crowd for the batter to miss, or the pitcher to throw badly, or deriding the umpire’s calls.  Taking such spiteful criticism to heart will only ruin the player’s pleasure in the game and his chance of winning.  “Everywhere in life you run into people rooting for you to fail,” says Liberthson.  “Look at these professional athletes on the field and think about how the rival team is hoping they’ll fall flat on their faces.  Still, these men often manage to succeed.  It’s a good lesson for life: ignore unhelpful criticism if you are giving the game your best.  You won’t have a chance to win if you don’t stop beating yourself and letting the hecklers beat you.”

 4)     You Can’t Win By Yourself.  Baseball is a team sport.  Sure, some teams have high-paid ‘hot shots,’ but without 9 players on each team and many support staff there is no game.  The same is true of life: you can be the best at what you do, but if you’re not surrounded by good, supportive people whom you treat well, your chances of enjoying the experience are zero.

 Liberthson continues his baseball metaphor to point out poignantly that “Life is hard, but at its core life is a game – a serious game.  Maybe who wins or loses the game isn’t as important as how a player feels about the job he’s done as he walks off the field.”



About Dan Liberthson



Dan Liberthson was born in Rochester, NY and graduated with a BA in history from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  He earned a PhD in English (with a dissertation in contemporary poetry) from the State University of New York at Buffalo.  Dan then taught college English composition and literature at Kent State and Akron Universities and for the U.S. Navy.  Since 1978, he’s lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, working as a technical and medical writer.  Liberthson has published poems in many venues, including the baseball magazines Elysian Fields Quarterly and Spitball: The Literary Baseball Magazine.   Though he hasn’t played since Little League, Liberthson is an avid fan of the art of the game.  His latest book, “The Pitch is on the Way: Poems about Baseball and Life” is his tribute to the sport that has given him hope, respite, warmth and laughter.  www.liberthson.com or www.PitchPoems.com


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Posted by TSUE on June 23, 2008






Alicia Keys As I am Tour

John Legend-Alicia Key As I Am Tour

Wednesday, June 18th was a grand homecoming for Grammy Award winning superstar Alicia Keys as thousands of fans and well-wishers welcomed the chart-topping singer, songwriter, and producer back to her native New York for a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden and an exclusive after-party celebration at New York hotspot, The Park.

Closing her mega successful As I Am Tour, which played Europe, Canada and the U.S. in support of her latest album of the same name, Alicia Keys followed her passionate performance at the world-famous Madison Square Garden with a blowout wrap party powered by Vitamin Water. The Park welcomed scores of guests including family, friends and celebrities such as Ne-Yo, John Legend, Estelle, Derek Luke, Flo Rida, Maino, Brandon London (NY Giants), D’Brickashaw Ferguson (NY Jets), Jason Richardson (Charlotte Bobcats) and Mathias Kiwanuka (NY Giants) to help Alicia celebrate her success.

The festivities helped culminate the sell-out tour and an amazing several months which have seen Alicia earn her fourth #1 album with As I Am and add two Grammy Awards, for the song “No One,” to her long list of achievements.


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Vernon is one of the 15 single men People chose for the Lock of Love HOT Bachelor issue.

Posted by TSUE on June 23, 2008

Lock of Love Vernon Davis People Magazine June 30th 2008 issue

San Francisco 49ers Vernon Davis (www.vernondavis85.net) is in the June 30th issue of People Magazine on page 84; Vernon is one of the 15 single men People chose for the Lock of Love HOT Bachelor issue.



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Vernon Davis Painting Honoring the Legendary “Bill Walsh”

Posted by TSUE on June 23, 2008

Vernon Davis picture of Bill Walsh coach

Vernon Davis paints a picture of the legendary Coach of the San Francisco 49ers “Bill Walsh”.

Bill was the #1 coach of the 20th century and also had 3 Super Bowls wins and made NFL coach of the year three times.

Check out Vernon’s Website at www.vernondavis85.net



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SportsGist.Com- Inner Dialogue Commerical

Posted by TSUE on June 19, 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “SportsGist.Com- Inner Dialogue Commer…“, posted with vodpod


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SportsGist.Com Connecting Athletes With Experts

Posted by TSUE on June 19, 2008

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The Heart Foundation Gala

Posted by TSUE on June 19, 2008

hazel-gordy-and-autumn-jacksonemcee-and-dinner-chair-mary-hartrobert-and-linell-shapiro the heart foundationamerican-idol_se2809d-michael-johns-and-musical-director-david-foster




The Heart Foundation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, dedicated to raising awareness of heart disease, honored Motown founder Berry Gordy with The Steven S. Cohen Humanitarian Award on Saturday, June 7, at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. Honorary Dinner chairs included Sidney Poitier, Norman Brokaw and Quincy Jones; Dinner chairs were Doug Morris, Clarence Avant, Mary Hart and Burt Sugarman. The evening was emceed by Entertainment Tonight’s Mary Hart and featured special musical performances by Louis Price, Thelma Houston and Teena Marie and a dance choreographed by Debbie Allen who was also in attendance. David Foster served as musical director along with Suzanne de Passe.

A man of vision, drive, talent and determination, Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records, was also a songwriter, boxer, producer, director, innovative entrepreneur and teacher. The phenomenal success of Motown Records is a tribute to all that he embodies and all that he has brought out in others. Under his leadership, Motown created a sound that has become one of the most significant musical accomplishments and stunning success stories of the 20th century. The music communicated across a racially-divided country and segregated society, around the world, touching all people, regardless of skin color.

The Heart Foundation supports the groundbreaking cardiac research of Dr. P.K. Shah and his colleagues at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Their goal is to prevent, cure and eradicate this silent killer. Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States today. The Heart Foundation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center was established in 1996 in memory of Steven S. Cohen, an incredible husband, father, son, brother and friend, who lost his life to Sudden Cardiac Death at the age of 35 with no warning signs.


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Demarcus – NFL -New Baby

Posted by TSUE on June 19, 2008

Demarcus football nfl

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Tiger Woods to miss rest of golf season due to major knee surgery

Posted by TSUE on June 19, 2008

Tiger woods to miss rest of golf season

U.S. Open winner Tiger Woods has decided to go ahead with yet another knee surgery, and will miss the rest of the 2008 golf season, according to the Golf Channel and the Associated Press.

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Jose Canseco Swears A-Rod Did Steriods….

Posted by TSUE on June 19, 2008

Jose Canseco Swear A-Rod did Steriods

In the July 8 issue of Steppin’ Out  magazine, juiced up canary, Jose Canseco sits down with Chaunce Hayden and opens up about Alex Rodriquez’s steriod past and why he’s ratting out his fellow ball players…… and why he’s decided to become a boxer and what it will take to beat him.

Chaunce Hayden: Why do so many people hate you?

Jose Canseco: These ex athletes who go on the radio seem to believe what goes on in the locker room should stay in the locker room. But if one of these athletes brings an underage girl into the locker room and has sex with her or rapes her, are we supposed to keep quiet about it? No…absolutely not. That would make me an excessory. But it’s that kind of mentality. All these athletes know what I’m saying is the absolute truth. But athletes think we’re some kind of fraternity or family. So they’re pissed off at me.
As far as the Mitchell report goes, they left out a lot of individuals. It wasn’t accurate. And some of the people who were on the list, the information on them was not completely right.

Chaunce Hayden: Did A-Rod ever take steroids?

Jose Canseco: As far as Alex Rodriguez is concerned. He absolutely did steroids.
(read more in the July 8 issue of Steppin’ Out)

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Rahfeal C. Gordon

Posted by TSUE on June 18, 2008

Rahfeal C. Gordon

Rahfeal is an Alumni Art major from Arts High School in Newark, New Jersey. At fifteen he established his first company “Infinite Productions”. In 2001, Rahfeal established the “Team Infinite” organizations on Montclair State University and Bloomfield College campuses.  In addition to the success of Team Infinite, in 2005, Rahfeal established the Rahfeal C. Gordon Scholarship Fund.        

    In the summer of 2007, Rahfeal premiered “Hip Hop Saved My Life” Motivational Seminar on the national performance stage at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, NJ to a sold out audience.  Also in 2007, Rahfeal became owner of two major companies, RahGor Publishing and RahGor Motivations. Through his publishing company he penned his first book entitled “You Won’t Make It”,
    Rahfeal is (NFTE) 2008 Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Oppenheimer Funds Social Entrepreneurship Award category. He was featured on the Fox News Channel’s, “Money for Breakfast”, My 9 News, “Real Talk” with Brenda Blackmon and “Voices of America”. He is now the Global Ambassador for the NFTE Organization, National Collegiate Advisor for Inspire Magazine and serves on the Hip Hop Advisory Board at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Rahfeal’s is currently campaigning to be featured on The Oprah Show.

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Michael B. Jordan

Posted by TSUE on June 18, 2008

Michael B. Jordan actor

Michael is an Alumni drama major from Arts High School in Newark, New Jersey. At thirteen he caught the studios eye of Dr. Bill Cosby and was cast in the recurring role of “Michael” for the 1999 season of the CBS sitcom series “Cosby.” Almost simultaneously he appeared in the HBO miniseries “The Sopranos”. The following year, he played “Jamal”, in the Paramount Pictures features film “Hardball”. 

Later, Michael received critical acclaim for his portrayal of the hard-shelled, softhearted young urbanite “Wallace” in HBO’s dramatic hit series “The Wire”.  In 2003, he became the youngest African American actor to be contracted with the ABC network daytime drama series, “All My Children, in the role of “Reggie”. 

In 2003, The “NJ Moviemakers” awarded Michael the “Prime Award for Excellence and Support in Movies and Television”.  Then in 2005, 2006, and 2007 this young actor was nominated for NAACP Image Award” for Outstanding Male Actor in a Television Daytime Drama Series”.

This past year Michael landed a lead role in the Independent film “Blackout”, also starring Melvin Van Peebles, Jeffrey Wright, and Zoe Saldana. Michael will appear on The N network’s new sitcom “The Assistants” and an upcoming movie “Pastor Brown” along with actors such as Nicole Ari Parker, Keith David, Michael Beach and Tisha Campbell-Martin.  He has also done guest appearance roles for CSI, Cold Case, and Law & Order.

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Terrell Ownes Youth Fottball Summer Camp July 8-10th, 2009

Posted by TSUE on June 17, 2008

Terrell Ownes Youth Football Camp July 9-10 2008

Event Details:
He’s Back…only this year Terrell Owens is calling
all Baller Boyz to meet him July 9th and 10th for his
3rd Annual Youth Football Summer Camp.

Terrell Owens Youth Football Summer Camp

July 9-10, 2008

Registration Begins promptly @ 8:30 A.M.

Sessions begins promptly @ 9:00 A.M.

Various Camps Sessions 9:00 A.M. thru 3:00 P.M.

Full Lunch will be served between 12:00-1:00 P.M. both

Parent Pickup: 3:30 P.M. (Sharp)

This camp is on a first come, first serve basis. Space
is limited and early registration strongly advised…

Day 1 (One)

  • 8:30 – 9:00 Registration
  • 9:30 – Agilities, Combine Testing
  • 10:30 Individual Drills
  • 11:30 Special Team Drills
  • 12: 00 Lunch
  • 12: 45 One on One Rap Session
  • 1:00 Agilities, Speed – Drills
  • 2:00 Individual Drills
  • 2:30 7 on 7 Competition
  • 3:30 Camp Ends

Day 2 (Two)

  • 8:30 – 9: 30 Classroom / Agilities
  • 10:00 Individual Drills (Weight room, & Speed
  • Training)
  • 11:00 Half Line Drills
  • 12; 00 Lunch
  • 12:45 One on One rap Session
  • 1:00 Agilities
  • 1:30 Draft – Team Competition
  • 3:00 – 3:30 Awards Ceremony


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Little T Learns to Share – Written by Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens

Posted by TSUE on June 17, 2008

Little T learns to share by terrell owens


Little T Learns to Share is a children’s book written by Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens. Released November 15, 2006, it tells the story of a child named Little T who doesn’t want to share his football, but ends up learning about the value of friends.

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HAIR CUTZ FOR A CAUSE-Terrell Owens of Dallas Cowboys Hosts Hair Cutz-A-Thon in Miami-Paying it forward to the community

Posted by TSUE on June 17, 2008


Terrell Owens of Dallas Cowboys Hosts Hair Cutz-A-Thon in Miami


Grand Opening of T.O. CUTZ Barbershop Aids Children on Saturday, June 21

Fundraiser guests include former Congresswoman Carrie P. Meek


Terrell Owens, Dallas Cowboy wide receiver, kicks off the grand opening of T.O. CUTZ Barbershop, Miami’s newest elegant hair salon for men and women, with a Hair Cutz-A-Thon fundraiser for local and global children’s organizations. The Hair Cutz-A-Thon will take place Saturday, June 21 from 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. followed by a VIP Reception and Press Party from 6:30 to 8:30pm in T.O. CUTZ Barbershop, located at 8850 Miramar Parkway, Unit 6 (Miramar Parkway & 37 Avenue/Douglas Road).


            Men, women and children are invited to get stylish “Cutz” for a cause. The Hair Cutz-a-thon will open with a special ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10:00 a.m. involving T.O. Cutz Barbershop co-owners Owens and acclaimed hair stylist Peter Bethel as well as Congresswoman Carrie P. Meek, State Representative Oscar Brayon II, and other elected officials and celebrities.  Hair Cutz-A-Thon is a family event that will benefit youths from South West Broward Junior Athletic Association Optimist Club of Miramar, FL and Sanctuary of Moses, a Miami-based organization that aids children in Benin, West Africa.


T.O. Cutz Barbershop is an upscale barbershop that provides a full range of grooming services for its clients. The opening of the Miramar location will be Owens and Bethel’s official launch of a national franchise of Cutz Barbershops.


The Hair Cutz-A-Thon is part of Owens and Bethel’s belief in “paying it forward” to the community.  Owens, the author of the children’s book Little T Learns To Share, heads the Terrell Owens Catch A Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization created to erase hunger and the lack of basic daily needs facing some households in the nation.  The foundation, based in Dallas, provides the necessary resources that children and youth require for realizing and acting on their dreams. One of the popular programs is the Terrell Owens Youth Football Camp. 


“I am excited about partnering with Peter and looking forward to providing a service for the children of the community,” explained Owens.  “I am a product of the community. The community has supported me throughout my career, so it is only right that I give back.”


Bethel, who was born in the Bahamas, is considered one of Miami’s most popular barbers to the stars.  His career spans over 20 years in South Florida.  Celebrities, professional athletes and political figures, including Shaquille O’Neal, Dwayne Wade, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs have been Bethel’s clients. Previously, he had a successful salon business partnership with NBA Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning.


“Being able to have the opportunity to give back is incredible for me, especially when I’m able to support the youth in the local community that I have lived in for so long,” said Bethel.


South West Broward Junior Athletic Association (SWBJAA) Optimist Club of Miramar and Sanctuary of Moses (SOM) are beneficiary organizations.  SWBJAA Optimist Club serves 700 to 800 children in the community.  Funds from the Hair Cutz-A-Thon will be used to establish a tutoring program for children at risk in Miramar, FL.  Sanctuary of Moses focuses on combating child trafficking in Benin, West Africa through education.  SOM will use the funds to provide education programs to more than 500 children who have no access to schools in Benin, West Africa.  

                                    # # #









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NFL Vernon Davis – Sn Franciso 49ers- Man with a plan

Posted by TSUE on June 17, 2008

Vernon Davis San Francisco 49ers underamourVernon Davis San Francisco 49ersVernon Davis San Francisco 49ers

 Vernon Davis www.vernondavis85.net


Known for his superb physical strength and agility, 2006 first round draft pick and starting tight end for the San Francisco 49ers, Vernon Davis, has broken both college and professional records, thereby etching his name into sports history books.  The Washington, D.C. native attended Dunbar High School and was a letterman in track & field, basketball and football.  He was the DCIAA champion in track & field for the high jump with an impressive jump of 6’5”.


Davis then attended the University of Maryland, where he set school tight end strength records in the bench press, power-clean, index and squat.  The art studio major also finished his college career with 1371 yards on 83 receptions, averaging 16.5 yards per catch and garnering him the best average of any first round tight end ever.  Vernon’s strong performance at the 2006 scouting combine- running the 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds- made him the top tight end prospect and put him on record with what is believed to be the fastest time ever recorded by a tight end.  He also lead other competitors in his position in bench press reps, broad jump and vertical jump.  It’s of little surprise, then, that the sixth overall pick of the first round in the 2006 NFL draft was able to acquire a 5-year contract with San Francisco that made him one of the highest paid tight ends ever drafted. 


Vernon doesn’t take his physical or financial blessings for granted, though.  In fact he is committed to giving back to the community, whether it’s his native one or the one he’s adopted on the west coast. He not only makes financial contributions to various causes, but also donates his time to different charities.  He recently hosted and awarded prizes at the KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) Spelling Bee and visited a KIPP school in the San Francisco area.  He also co-taught an art class at the Triton Museum and conducted a walking tour of the Museum and Art Gallery in Palo Alto, CA.  He also participated in the 49ers “Shop with a Player” program and in WAMU Touchdown for Tots.  Further, he was involved in “Smocks for Jocks” in 2006 and 2007, contributing an original tribute piece to Bill Walsh in the 2007 event, which sold at silent auction for $500.


Vernon’s goals do not stop at the end zone, though.  He aspires to make imprints in both the worlds of modeling and art.  While he currently endorses Under Armour, he is looking forward to more high fashion opportunities.  In addition, he plans on increasing his portfolio of paintings and providing the world with an artistic view of the world he sees and loves.  He hopes that through his art, he will be able to further contribute to the community that has supported him thus far.


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Big Hands Vernon Davis and the Juggs Machine

Posted by TSUE on June 17, 2008

Marshall Faulk catches up with the 49ers’ TE as he works out with the Juggs machine.

Click here to check this out Big Hands Vernon Davis


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Dan Wilcox Blatimore Raven Gives Back to the community

Posted by TSUE on June 17, 2008

Dan Wilcox

Baltimore Ravens tight end, Daniel Wilcox, has been noticed for his good blocking ability, smooth running style and soft hands, making him a reliable offensive target for his team. As such, he has re-signed with the ravens twice since his original contract in June 2004. Prior to joining the Ravens’ roster, he signed with Tampa Bay in December 2002 after two short stints with the NY Jets.

While Wilcox has gained notoriety for his contributions to his team on the field, he is perhaps best known for his work in the community. During the season, he was a frequent visitor to schools throughout the area, speaking to students at Living Classrooms, Sharp Leadenhall Elementary, Carter G. Woodson and Youth in Transitions. He was also a presenter in three Ravens R.I.S.E. Assemblies in 2004. Further, he participated in several Gatorade Junior Training Camps, including the NFL FLAG Regional Tournament hosted by the Ravens. In July 2005, Daniel took over the reigns of former teammate, Darnell Dinkins’ Football Camp, a free one-day football clinic and educational workshop for high school student-athletes. That year, he was also a consistent speaker for the Ravens R.I.S.E. Assembly Series, appearing at all seven assemblies and inviting teammates to join him in teaching middle and high school students how to Realize, Improve, Share and Expand (R.I.S.E.) their talents.

In January 2006, Wilcox established his charitable foundation, Empowerment M.I.N.D.S (Motivating and Inspiring Neighborhoods Determined to Succeed) with the mission of empowering youth to hold leadership positions in the community. Through his foundation, Wilcox has hosted a celebrity paintball tournament and a celebrity mini golf tournament in 2006 to raise funds that would extend educational opportunities for underprivileged youth. Because they were such a success, he hosted another mini golf tournament in mid-May 2007 and will have another paintball tournament at the end of May.

An Atlanta, GA native, Wilcox attended Georgia Military Academy and Appalachian State University, where he majored in communications and advertising with a minor in psychology. He is also planning a “Cinderella Fairy Tale” wedding on June 28, to be held at M&T Bank Stadium.


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