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Posted by TSUE on May 22, 2008

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A Healthy Alternative for Battling ADD By David Sandoval

Posted by TSUE on May 22, 2008

A Healthy Alternative for Battling ADD


Long Beach, CA – Prescription drugs have long been the main weapon for children – and increasingly adults – when battling Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  Side effects for various medications can range from anxiety or nervousness to insomnia.  “Before settling for the quick fix of pills, there are natural approaches that should be considered,” contends nutritional expert David Sandoval, author of “The Green Foods Bible.”

  The causes of ADD, which is a recurrent pattern of behavior characterized by short attention spans, impulsivity and may include hyperactivity, are hot topics for debate and speculation as to whether it is environmental or genetic. 

 Years of research and studying, consulting with the world’s premiere authorities in holistic medicines and promoting raw food nutrition led Sandoval to create the “Plant-Based Nutrition Program,” which he believes can potentially help ADD sufferers (and/or their parents).  He says there is most definitely a relationship between diet and disease, “Everything the human body needs to live a long, disease-free life has been provided by the Earth.”

 Sandoval wants the public to consider three possible food-related ADD risk factors; starting with high sugar consumption, “Destructive, aggressive and restless behavior has been found to significantly correlate with the amount of sucrose consumed.”  While it may prove difficult at first, his initial recommendation is to eliminate all refined sugars and food allergens from the diet.  Additionally, limiting the consumption of processed foods and additives – like food colorings and artificial flavoring – needs to be considered. 

 “In many cases, identifying and eliminating clear causative diet factors will often bring about dramatic improvements within the first few weeks,” exposes Sandoval.  He adds that improvements will be more subtle and not as great if food reactions are not the cause of ADD.

 According to Sandoval, CEO of Purium, the ADD sufferers who see the faster results easily maintain the lifestyle change because they feel so much better, “Initially it’s going to take some discipline, but switching to whole, unprocessed and, preferably, organic meals will cleanse the body and help in re-harnessing the power of your own mind.”


 This is crucial when taking into account that nutrient deficiency could be another risk for American children suffering from ADD, continues Sandoval, “Decreased attentiveness is commonly associated with a lack of iron.”  Poor nutrition may be most harmful in the early development stages of life so he believes parents should feed their kids organic produce, “It has the maximum nutrient density and a minimal amount of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.”

 The body’s storage of heavy metals – particularly the toxic metal lead – has also been linked by studies to childhood learning disabilities.  Sandoval recommends screening children for heavy metal poisoning using hair mineral analysis and EDTA challenge rather than blood tests to properly assess the long term affects on the brain. 

 Sandoval offers insight on chelating the heavy metals from the body, “Increase consumption of foods high in sulfur such as garlic, onions and eggs; provided your child is not allergic to them.”  Additionally, he prescribes Chlorella and C from Nature, which contains naturally occurring Vitamin C.  Sandoval says both are also helpful in combating heavy metal poisoning.

 To Sandoval, the option to take a holistic route needs to be seriously weighed before resorting to pills that offer a hefty price tag and a litany of side effects, “There is no safer approach to getting well than nature’s approach.”  That’s why he offers an ADD Battle Plan – and others including Lupus, Diabetes and Weight Loss Battle Plans – on his website www.mypurium.com





About David Sandoval

 If the living, green food diet was a revolution, then David Sandoval would be the new Che Guevara. If there was a gospel of natural healing David would surely be the Pope. However, he unquestioningly ranks among the world’s premiere experts on the living foods lifestyle. An in-demand lecturer, David is also the author of “The Green Foods Bible”, an entrepreneur, former radio talk-show host, activist, farmer and authority on whole food nutrition and disease prevention. For over 20 years he has studied with the world’s highest authorities on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and western holistic medicine. The Californian is currently making waves with his latest weight loss plan “Superfoods for Supermodels”. David’s line of PHP products are synergistically combined superfoods that nourish at the cellular level, activating metabolism and boosting the immune system. David Sandoval’s website can be found at www.mypurium.com.

 To interview David Sandoval or request a review copy of “The Green Foods Bible,” contact Rachel Friedman at (727) 443-7115 ext. 206 or email rachel@newsandexperts.com  Please include your name, publication, and mailing address with your request.


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Posted by TSUE on May 22, 2008



Sunday, May 25 7:30 p.m. Broward Center for the Performing Arts


WHAT:           Broward County, Gospel Complex, Inc, and Dr. Bobby Jones, will host an evening of gospel music, education, and private reception to unveil plans for the new Gospel Complex for Education & Preservation that will be constructed in Lauderhill, FL.  As a select member of the media, you are invited to cover the red carpet and experience the groundbreaking features of the new Gospel Complex for Education & Preservation.



WHO:             Scheduled to attend:

Paula White, Albertina Walker, Dorinda Clark Cole, Dr. Bobby Jones, Dottie Peoples, Richard Smallwood, Vickie Winans, Kurt Carr, Edwin Hawkins, Walter Hawkins, Darwin Hobbs, Donald Lawrence, Broward County Elected Officials and many more!


WHEN:           Sunday, May 25, 2008

                        6:15 p.m.          Media Check-In

                        6:45 p.m.          Exclusive Media Preview/B-roll Opportunities

                        6:45 p.m.          Red Carpet Opens

***There will be a full red carpet with the opportunity for one on one interviews with celebrities and Broward County Officials***


WHERE:        Broward Center for the Performing Arts, 201 SW 5th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312



OPPS:             Capture top celebrities and gospel artists as they arrive to the official kick-off event for the International Gospel Industry Retreat hosted by Dr. Bobby Jones. 


# # #

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World Famous DJ Khaled Welcomes HipHopSodaShop To South Florida

Posted by TSUE on May 22, 2008

World Famous DJ Khaled Welcomes HipHopSodaShop To South Florida


Miami, FL, May 20, 2008:  H3 Enterprises, Inc. (OTC: “HTRE”) President and CEO, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Florida on-the-air from the market-leading radio station, JAMS 99, and to be broadcasting live from the Red Carpet Grand Opening of  the HipHopSodaShop, May 22, 2008 at 6pm EDT, is very culturally and historically significant.”announced today that world famous hip-hop legend and Cox Radio on-air personality, DJ Khaled, began last night over the airwaves at WEDR, 99 JAMZ, to officially welcome the Grand Opening of the Miami HipHopSodaShop. Dr. Chavis stated, “DJ Khaled is known all over the world for his unique and powerful artistic genius as DJ, MC and outspoken leader of hip-hop culture. For him to welcome us throughout South Florida makes the opening of the HipHopSodaShop even more exciting.”


DJ Khaled emphasized, “It is going down right here in Miami doing the Memorial Day Weekend. Meet me at the Grand Opening of the HipHopSodaShop on Thursday, May 22nd. My man Fat Joe, Fabolous, Mad Links, DJ Q45 and many others will be there.”  Robert Clarington, H3’s joint venture partner and General Manager of the Miami HipHopSodaShop, 2710 N.W., 167th Street, Miami Gardens, FL 33054, stated, “We have assembled the largest on-line video gaming center, the best food and beverage in Miami, a state-of-the-art sound system, and a cultural, entertainment environment that whole families will enjoy. We intend to be the best flagship HipHopSodaShop in the world.”


There will be a Pre-Grand Opening VIP Reception on Wednesday night, May 21, 2008 hosted by local business leaders at 8pm. For information all of the HipHopSodaShop of Miami Grand Opening events go to www.hiphopsodashop.com, www.H3inc.com or call 305-430-8436.


Press Availability:  

Please contact The T.A.S.C. Group (see below) regarding issuance of press passes and to schedule interviews with the leadership of the HipHopSodaShop and the participating hip-hop celebrities.
Media contact:                                               
Larry Kopp/ Seth Allen                                 
The T.A.S.C. Group, LLC                             
Phone: 646-723-4344/ Cell: 917-282-2357

About H3 Enterprises, Inc. and the HipHopSodaShop:
H3 Enterprises, Inc. is the parent company of the HipHopSodaShop, with its corporate headquarters located at 116, John Street, New York, NY 10036. As the first publicly traded Hip-Hop company, H3 Enterprises, Inc. is dedicated to the mission of empowering young people through investment, education and economic development. (www.h3inc.com)
The HipHopSodaShops are a franchise restaurant operation that brings hip-hop music, sports and community involvement to every city where they open. The HipHopSodaShop comes complete with a healthy quick-service menu, merchandising, a state of the art recording studio, 30 giant LCD screens, the latest Xbox 360 live video games, and a large area dedicated to competitive on-line video gaming. The HipHopSodaShop is a modern day cultural entertainment center where many forms of Hip-Hop can be expressed by patrons and embraced by the community. The HipHopSodaShops carry a message of giving back to the community in the forms of empowerment, investment, and employment. (www.hiphopsodashop.com


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