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Roger Clemens: Rumors of An Affair with Country Music Artist Mindy McCready

Posted by TSUE on April 28, 2008

Mindy McCreadyroger-clemens

Well it looks like Roger Clemens has more trouble to deal with other than his defamation suit against his former personal trainer (Brian McNamee). There is a rumor circulating that he carried on a 10 year affair with an American Country Music artist Mindy McCready. The affair supposedly began when she was just 15 year old. In the past McCready has received significant media coverage regarding personal events in her life. She was once engaged to actor Dean Cain. In 2005 she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and spoke of her problems with domestic abuse, depression, and drug abuse. Mindy McCready admitted her ex-boyfriend Billy McKnight had beat her frequently and they had a tumultuous relationship, and that she had tried to commit suicide. Her father was on the show and said that she is often in denial about her problems and that he wanted her to get help and supported her. She also spoke of how growing up her mother wasn’t very loving and encouraging and as a result McCready suffers from poor self-esteem. She is now known mostly for her trouble with the law. Talking to Oprah Winfrey, McCready hoped that her story would encourage and help others, even if it’s only one girl in the world. “You know what we’re all hoping?” Oprah said to Mindy. “That you are that girl.”

Clemens lawyer, Rusty Hardin has confirmed that there was a relationship with McCready but that it was in no way a sexual relationship and that Roger considered her a good family friend. Clemens wife was apparently well aware that McCready traveled with the ballplayer while he played for the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Yankees and Astros.


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